Regarding to the commencing buy order of “Erchim Bond” issued by “Erchim Engineering” LLC, Angar.D, CEO of Mongolian Stock Exchange, Batbold.M, General Director of “Erchim Engineering” LLC and Khishigjargal.J, Head of Investment Banking Division in Golomt Bank were rang the 5,037th trading opening bell of Mongolian Stock Exchange. 
During the commencement event, Gantulga.E, General Manager of “Soyombo Daatgal” LLC, Amarbaysgalan.E, CEO of “Golomt Securities” LLC, Dugerjav.D, partner of “MDS and Khaanlex”LLP were participated. 
Face value of “Erchim Bond” is MNT10,000.00, with 6 month maturity at annual interest rate of 18.5%. Buy order of this bond starting from 2015.08.12 to 2015.08.20, and the primary market trading will start on 2015.08.21.

“Erchim Bond” has following benefits:
•    100% Insured, risk free
•    Its annual interest rate is 18.5%. (Average annual interest of commercial bank is 13.2%)

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