Today, Company is holding two different special permit and licenses for engineering design and construction works up to 220kV rate. 
Under this special work licenses, we will provide full engineering, construction and consulting services for Energy, Power plants, Transmission and Distribution, Mining and many other projects.  



Special permit and licenses are capable for following engineering services and construction, 

Engineering Design and Consulting:

  • Engineering design of electrical utility, up to 220kV rate
  • Engineering design of automation, relay protection and SCADA
  • Engineering design, geodesy of high voltage transmission line, up to 220kV rate
  • Engineering design of district heating main pipeline, plumbing and related facilities
  • Engineering design of water pump station and others
  • Engineering design of energy resource facilities

Construction and Installation:

  • Construction and commissioning of Transmission line, Substation and other electrical utility up to 220kV rate
  • Installation and maintenance of high pressure boiler, pipeline and related services, up to 80.0kg/cm2